David Saris

Mentor for Entrepreneurs

“It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

― Epictetus


Entrepreneurship is extremely demanding.

Being an entrepreneur demands a lot from you and you can lose yourself in it, but you see enormous opportunities and you want to go for them. I am happy to help you capitalize on those opportunities and come up with creative solutions for the challenges that come your way.

What are your objectives? What is your strategy? What are the bottlenecks to achieving your objectives faster? How do you ensure that you not only work in your company, but also on your company? How do you get the right people and how do you retain them? How can you grow not only as an organization, but also as a person? How do you maintain balance between work and private life?

These kinds of questions get me excited. I'd love to help you find the answers together! More about me.

Benefit from the knowledge of an experienced entrepreneur

In 2007 I founded g-company, one of the first Google Cloud partners in Northern Europe. In 15 years, g-company has grown to tens of millions in revenue, more than 70 consultants and we have won a Google Cloud Partner of the Year Award 4 times in a row.

g-company has grown into a renowned consultancy company that helps organizations in various industries in their digital transformation to the cloud.

I would like to share the wealth of experience I have gained during my entrepreneurship with you. As a strategic advisor or mentor. Because I know how valuable it is to have someone like that by your side. More about me.