Startup Pitch Deck as Businessplan

A business plan is an important document for every entrepreneur. It helps clarify where you are going. Many entrepreneurs I talk to have difficulty writing a good business plan. As an entrepreneur, I have always struggled with it. What should be in a business plan? What is the core? It takes too much time to make. People don't read it.

Since I started mentoring entrepreneurs, I have discovered a solution that works well. A pitch deck for investors appears to work well as a business plan. Such a pitch deck contains everything that should also be in a business plan. A pitch deck should always be short and concise. Writing a business plan as a pitch deck forces you to be to the point, but still contains everything that should be included. By completing the pitch deck it also forces you to make choices. You must formulate your vision clearly and draw up concrete plans for the coming period. With a good business plan you get all stakeholders on board for the route you take together. There are many templates available for pitch decks, but they usually consist of only 10 slides, making it a compact and well-organized document. So even if an organization is not looking for investors, I always try to create a first version of the business plan together with the entrepreneurs based on a pitch deck template.

The 10 slides of the pitch deck

The pitch deck consists of the following 10 slides:

The pitch deck is a good way to present your company to potential investors, partners and employees. It is a compact and clear document that contains the most important information about your company.

Here are some tips for using the pitch deck:

Keep it short and concise. The pitch deck slides are intended to provide a summary of your company. Therefore, avoid unnecessary details.

The pitch deck is a useful tool for entrepreneurs. It is a compact and clear document that contains the most important information about your company. If you use the pitch deck as a business plan, make sure you fill out the 10 slides with accurate and up-to-date information. It is a living document that you can update every quarter. It doesn't have to be perfect right away, but just start with a first version and ask for feedback. Over time it gets better and better. You learn a lot from it and it forces you to make some hard choices.

Here is a template you can use:

Pitch deck as business plan (EN)